Those eyes.

He can’t EVER fight those eyes, nor his darling little sisters requests. “S-sure Hollie.” He said with a smile. “Yaaay~!” The little girl jumped up and down. “Did you hear that Princess? We can play~!” she said triumphantly. Chase nodded and gave his sister a pat. “Y-yes…But i’ll change my mind if you don’t go wash up and tell Peter to set up the table…” Chase said sweetly to his sister. He’s only like this to his siblings, not to any other person. Not even the king or queen. Much less their princess.

"Okay big brother! Come join us later princess!" Hollie said skipping away into the back. The moment Hollie was out of sight, the irritated look returned to Chases face. "Tch…Seriously…" He said scratching his head. "That girl idolizes you more than anyone." He said turning back to the counter to fix his notes. "Just don’t get in my way when it’s business hours." he said with a huff. Not even looking at Luna.

Luna couldn’t help but giggle at Hollie’s excitement. It was so cute! “I heard it loud and clear! I can’t wait!” and waved as Hollie skipped away. Oh, such a cutie… But it quickly changed when she felt Chase’s glare was on her… What could she say? She wasn’t sure… “It seems so… She’s a really smart and cute girl. I’m really surprise you two are related.” Luna teased only a little, laughing along with that thought. 

Then it quickly changed to rolling her eyes and huffing. “Please. Like I’d like to come by here any time. I’m only coming over for Hollie anyway.” The thought of playing with her just brought to much joy on her face. “So, what for dinner?” Luna was curious. The king and queen would always order their meals from this place… But she never really tried it. Not that she can really think of… She wasn’t sure who was the chef at her place. “Just so you know… I love sweets. No fish dishes! I hate those. Ugh.” Talk about picky… 

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At last… He was here. In front of the castle… There were guard everywhere. Tch… This is going to be a difficult task. It’s day time as well so it wouldn’t be clever to just waltz in. Suddenly a person caught his eye… The princess. That’s right… The princess. That’s who he needs to target. Walking up to one of the guards, Skye smiled and bowed. “Hello, I came from Follin and I am the King’s messenger. I am here to bring a message to the princess.” Almost with ease, the guards escorted him towards the pinkette. A lie can get you this far.

His smile only grew wider as he laid his eyes on her. “Ah, such a beautiful princess.” With that, Skye’s knee touched the ground and greeted the princess. “It’s a pleasure to meet you in person.” Skye reached over and picked up Luna’s hand only to plant a kiss on it. The guards got troubled and annoyed with his actions… It was up to Luna to decide now.

Having to spend all day inside gets really boring and well… Annoying! Fresh air was what she needed! “Good day, my lady!”, “My lady, let me escort you.”, “Princess, you should be careful out there.” She had enough of these guards and servants! “I just want to sit outside for a bit. I won’t go over the gates. Rest sure.” Luna nodded and continued to walk outside. 

The sun greeted her happily, gently warming up her skin. It felt so nice… Her garden was just absolutely beautiful… Then someone caught her eye… A strange man walking towards the entrance. What does he want? Then the guards started to escort him towards her. “Is there something wrong?” Luna asked one of the guards. “My lady, this man seems to be one of Follin’s messenger here to leave a message from the king.” Ah… Her eyes grew wider as he knelt down. “There’s no need for that—” Her face only blushed even more. “N-No need for that!” Luna quickly took her hand back and giggled quietly. “Guards! At ease. Go back to guard the gate. I’ll speak with him one on one.” Luna turned around and started to walk inside the castle, guiding Skye. “So tell me… What is this message you need to tell me?” He was really attractive honestly…

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Chase just raised and eyebrow trying to identify her. Other than the kitchen he works at the king and queen, and his beloved brothers and sister. Nothing else mattered. Then it clicked at the far far far back of his mind. “Oh.” He said as he crossed his arms. “You’re the princess.” He said before sighing, and scratching the back of his head a little annoyed, it was after work hours and this was supposed to be family time. “Pray tell what we’re you doing with my beloved siblings?” He asked with a hint of annoyance.

Annoyed how his siblings came home late when they were supposed to be having dinner now. “Insulting or not, what you were doing with my siblings is what matters, if you won’t answer then you should get ou—” But before he could finish Hollie tugged at his sleeve. “Can Princess Luna join us for dinner big brother?”

There it went. Priorities all weight down to his little sister. He couldn’t take it. He can’t do anything but agree.

"A-ah…Yes Hollie..She will." He said as he carried the girl and gave her a gentle pat on the head. Chase then looked at Luna for a moment, before turning his back.

"Would you accept my sisters request?"

How aggravating! How dare he just say ‘oh’ at the presence of a princess! Ahh…. Whatever…. “We were just playing just outside. I saw them running around my Castle when my knights tend to shoo them away. I got caught in the middle and played with them… Thus I am here.” Lune shrugged before rolling her eyes at the ginger. So annoying!

"You know what you need? You need to stop being a—" Then a cute little voice reached her ear… It was Hollie. The cutest little girl she had ever seen in her entire life! Oh, how she was precious! Everything about her just sent smiles and giggles to Luna. Specially how she idolizes her so much. 

How can Luna say no to that? Sure she has some paper work to do and all but… “Of course I’ll stay.” There were no second thoughts. “For Hollie.” Not for this jerk. Luna squat down to Hollie’s level and smiled. “If you like, you can visit me when ever you want! I’ll come by often as well if you like.” Oh the glitter in Hollie’s eyes were undeniable. Hollie turned to Chase with those puppy eyes on her face. “Can I?”

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Sofia gave her a confused look but shook it off “Royal work is as fun as ever I’d assume” She sighed and twirled her purple hair between her thin fingers.

Luna sighed and shook her head. “I know right!” Assuming the girl was being sarcastic. “It’s so boring and it’s just paper work after paper work. Ugh, it’s never ending! So, what brings you here?” Luna smiled widely. “Would you like some cake?”

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A girl walked in the tall doors. “Your guards sure are lazy aren’t they?” She smiled awkwardly before approaching 

Luna laughed a little and waved her hand. “They sometimes are! Although they do have their moments in which they actually work!

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Chase was in his usual place at their family bakery. Behind the counter taking notes of the most sold and least sold pastries, and mumbling something about making ends meet. His writing sounding throughout the store. It was afternoon and the noise had died down from the earlier ‘last minute pastry shopping’ Thank goodness. His brothers and sisters should be back home by now though, he thought as he had this worried face mixed with a pissed off face.

Time ticks and Chase could see that it’s growing darker by the minute. As soon as he heard the bell sound he slammed on the counter and looked up. “I told you guys to be home befor—”

A surprised look appearing on his face as he saw his brothers and sister with another person. “Peter. Who—” His brother just shrugged and went to the back with the other three.

Chase looked up again and had this confused close to ‘WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SIBLINGS’ look on his face. “Who’re you again?”

How did… How did this happen again? “Princess! Princess! Let’s go play!” Oh right… The kids wanted to play with her… Just because of the fact that it’s rare to see her outside so people get rounded up. “Long Live Princess Luna!” The little girl kept chanting to her, smiling and giggling. “Thank you so much.” Throughout the whole day, she met all these kids… Yet there was one thing that didn’t cross her mind.

Chase. These were Chase’s sibling! Oh god— Knowing him, he’ll try and kill her! “Quick— We must get back to the bakery!” Luna made up a game for them, “Whoever gets there, wins!” And just like that… The followed her lead back to their house.

Thus she was here, in front of this angry ginger. “Already forgot about me?” Luna pouted at the thought. How dare he! “I find that insulting!”

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"Cakes! Definitely cakes! If you ever wish to make your way into my heart, you’ll have to bring me cakes~"

"Ugh— Why can’t I just sit around and eat cake all day!" Luna sighed loudly, letting her arms rest on top of the pile of paper work that are currently on a desk. "Why can’t the queen herself do it! Or the king! It had to be me." With the roll of an eye, Luna stood up and walked towards her balcony, taking in the fresh air. 

Then a sudden figure was making her way into the castle… But they seem to be having troubles coming in because of the guards… “Guards! Let them in.” She longed for human interacting that right now she didn’t care who it was.

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